Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

We at Servair have been servicing our customers’ needs for over 46 years. Whether your air conditioning repair job is large or small, we are here to service all HVAC needs in the Edgewater, New Smyrna, and Port Orange areas.

An annual inspection of your ac system is recommended to look for any potential problems. Servair hires only the finest air conditioning repair experts, trained to spot small problems before they become worse.

For all your ac repair, sales, inspection and installation needs — call Servair at (386) 427-1531

Why You Need a Second Opinion

We here at Servair Heating & Air Conditioning encourage you to thoroughly do your homework when considering an investment in a new air conditioning system. Unfortunately, there are companies that will deliberately mislead customers into believing that they need something when that is not actually the case. It may not be an entire new system that someone needs, In fact, often air conditioning repair jobs involve only the replacement of some small part; however, there are occasions when technicians, especially those who receive commissions for up-selling a customer, may recommend a brand new system that could end up costing several thousands of dollars.
The sad fact is that these salespeople are often successful, mainly because many homeowners have only purchased one or two air conditioning units in the past. Because of their limited knowledge, they are likely to trust the “expert” who is providing them with information about their air conditioning repair needs, even if that information is false. This is especially the case in the middle of summer when the unit is not working and the family is hot, hot, hot!

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    One of our customers in Edgewater, Florida, had a personal experience with a misdiagnosis before he came to us for help:
    “Dear Gary and the rest of the Servair team” he wrote.“ I wanted to let you know that it has been a pure pleasure to work with you and your extended team. When I contacted Servair back in August with my very difficult situation (another AC contractor’s improper installation of a very costly AC system), I wasn’t expecting to get the level of service and professionalism that I received from your team. My previous experiences had left me tainted, but your team surpassed all expectations.

    All of your installers (even yourself who contacted me with some very good advice), have been a pure pleasure. Their level of knowledge, promptness, and professionalism is second to none. Not only do I have my AC system working back as it should have been, I have the absolute confidence that it will remain that way under the expertise of your service maintenance. Your organization is the perfect example of what an air conditioning company should be. I will happily recommend Servair to anyone needing your services.”

    At Servair, it’s our goal to help consumers make informed decisions and receive the air conditioning repair and installation services they actually need. We believe that second opinions are important, and offer them at no cost to current and potential customers.

    If you have a question about a diagnosis or just want to make sure you’re making the right choice, call Servair at 386-427-1531, and we’ll do our best to ensure you have all the information you need to feel comfortable with your decision. We are here to service all HVAC and air conditioning repair needs in the Edgewater, Port Orange and New Smyrna areas.