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garyvanA mother’s love knows no bounds and with an innate desire to care for her children, even adult children living thousands of miles away. This is a story about one mother’s act of love and the generosity of others.

John Bosse, a local resident with cerebral palsy, became another victim of the Great Recession when he lost his job with Homeland Security. Unfortunately, the winter of 2010 was unbelievably cold by Florida standards, and the summer was shaping up to be another typical hot summer. Therefore, when John’s heat and air conditioning went out over during the winter, John was unable to purchase a new unit and was not looking forward to the upcoming summer months.

John’s mother, heeding her son’s plight, wrote a compelling letter to Lennox in Orlando, seeking help. From that moment forward, action steps began in earnest; Lennox contacted President Gary Butt at Servair.

“Well”, said Gary, “one day I opened an envelope from corporate which originated with Mrs. Bosse. She asked if we could do something for her son so far away.” Gary called his Lennox supplier in Orlando to discuss what they could do. Gary offered to defray some of the expenses and install the new unit for free.

“There aren’t a lot of people like Gary,” said Lennox territory manager Erica Lawson.

lennoxWhen Gary and his crew installed the two ton air conditioning unit, valued at $4,000, all Gary wanted was a handshake. “I was so happy,” said John Bosse, shaking Gary’s hand again. “This new air conditioner keeps me a lot cooler.”

Ms. Lawson further remarked, “We love it when we can help out. But it wouldn’t have come together had we not had a top-quality dealer and installer right here in Edgewater — Servair.”

“I don’t know what to say,” stated John Bosse. “It was a freezing winter and I thought it was going to be a long hot summer.” Then he shook Gary’s hand a third time.

“It’s what we do,” said Gary. I’m thankful I work with a distributor like Lennox, people who really care.”

From a whole continent away, a mother’s love extended all the to Edgewater, Florida, and touched the lives of Erica Lawson, Gary Butt and her beloved son, John. Happy endings are wondrous occasions.